7 Ways to make money as a Nigerian Gospel Artiste.

How to make money as a Nigerian Gospel Artiste.  

Working for especially in Nigeria has always been thought of as something selfless. A commitment with only a heavenly reward. But being a gospel artist is far more reaching and can grant us the earthly riches that belongs to us as people who have been given dominance over the earth. Don’t, get me wrong though. The major purpose of being a gospel artist is to be able to win souls to God through melodious music brewed from talent, practice and inspiration. In fact, when you make this the goal of your music career, you are only seeking the face and kingdom of God which adds every other thing to it.  

Financial problems can hinder our aspirations and whatever dreams we have, it has even made some gospel artist move to circular music because they always feel they cannot make money through their music. Well, if this has been your problem, confusion or disorientation on how to go about making money through music. Then this article is for you as we will be trashing out 7 ways to make money in music, being a Christian gospel artist and to live large through your talent and value in the society.  

7 ways to make money in music. 


One way to go about this without much hindrance is by knowing the preliminaries of business especially in the digital world. You need to push out your talent like the “go into the world” commitment, to multiply in your talent. Because you may not find the right number of people to patronize you only in your locality. Try to make sure that your music is on several platforms both local and international; platforms such as Itunes, Apple Music, Deezeer, Spotify, Boomplay, Youtube etc. 

These platforms usually pay you per stream or download. Don’t even think less about your music, you can have them listed on Amazon for sale. While working on these platforms, make sure to make your music available in your locality through adverts on radios, concerts, as well as making them available in local stores.  


This part requires some hard work and does not just get you money, it also helps you to build a fan base. Once you have good fan base, people who love your style of music in the gospel niche, maybe for the way you play your instruments, or the way you choose the words of your lyrics and your overall charisma. Starting gigs and concerts will get you a long way to put you out to the world. 

You need not to charge much especially as an upcoming artist. In fact, you should try doing free concerts and giveaways, it prepares you for bigger concerts through word of mouth testimonials by people who enjoy your music.  

Another way to offer gigs, is by applying for church evangelism and concerts, tell them you want to sing in their church event, they may put you through audition. But that shouldn’t be a problem, right? Because you will nail it!! And who knows, after your performance, they could invite you over for another one, this time, not free.  

Just as mentioned earlier, if you offer value, in terms of lyrics, music style, quality and spiritual upliftment, your plan to excel will always succeed. 


A website makes you look professional, it is an avenue to showcase your skills and talent. This is the right place to start selling tickets for your gigs, upcoming events and concerts. Building a website also allows you to sell your products without having to physically market your tracts which of course disrupts practice times. 

With a website, you can have a little piece of your music turned to an ad on social media in form of videos, graphics or audio (depending on the platform) then you can have those ads linked to your website where you can then make sales. 

Owning a website is not as hard as you think, get a domain name, host it, and with the right content management system like wordpress, you can have a professional looking website with all features.   


If you are going to create a YouTube channel, it has to be an active one. You need to learn the basics of creating and editing videos. YouTube offers you a platform to get your music out there in a more personalized way. This time you can do covers of other christian songs on your own style, you can sing your own songs, play your instruments. You can sing popular songs and if perfectly done, will generate followers on your platform.  

YouTube channels are free and if you can beat the competition to get at least 1000 subscribers, YouTube can start paying you through ads and affiliate marketing if you chose to. 


One thing about record labels is that they look out for the best. To join one, you have to do your hard work, be sure of what you are doing and the fact that you can deliver anytime. Then have yourself promoted to the desired record labels you want to join. In fact, this is always a huge step to your music career.  


This is almost the same as offering gigs, you can play, sing in occasions weddings, church events and any other event where the content of your music is relevant and provides value.  

You can later come up with a price list that details the amount you charge and how you charge, either by the amount of time spent, or the number of times performed.  


No matter the area you most harness in your music niche, people are going to love your style of music. This way, you can offer classes on instruments, vocal classes and once in a while perform with the people you have taught. Who knows, it may turn out to be a musical band. 

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