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The world needs many things right now, love, healing, and the power of the Lord above. Minister Poi is hoping to aid those as the world fights the current COVID-19 pandemic with his latest single “Free from CoronaVirus.”

“Free from CoronaVirus” is an uplifting message that delivers a sense of hope from the press of play. As our news feeds are constantly bombarded with the negativity that comes along with a global pandemic and we’re reminded of the death tolls, closures, and uncertainty of tomorrow Minister Poi offers a guiding light. The chorus beautifully encapsulates each verse as Minister Poi brings honesty to the table, touching everyone who listens.

Nigerian-born Minister Poi began singing in the church choir as a teenager, and was born again in 1995. From that point on he knew what he was meant to do with his life. Lead with the power of the Lord, and make music along the way. Today, Minister Poi calls Texas home and over the years has become one of the leading praise and worship artists around. He’s a worship leader among African gospel singers in the Houston area, as well as an international gospel singer, songwriter, keyboardist and music producer.

His last album, ‘Oil of Gladness’ was released in November 2018. Now he’s following that up with his latest single, “Free from CoronaVirus” to encourage and lift people during what is one of the darkest times in modern history.

Those interested in adding new gospel music to their playlists, featuring “Free from CoronaVirus” on their site, or interviewing Minister Poi for their podcast, site, or radio show can reach out via the information provided below.

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We are free from Corona, CoronaVirus
We are free... (2x)

I have a message for the people living in fear, you will make it
Wash your hands always, sanitize yourself, we're together
Cover your cough for the sake of people you love, keep a distance

We are free from Corona, CoronaVirus
We are free... (2x)

Call ahead if you are sick you will be safe in a moment
Protect yourself surely we will overcome when this is over, it is over
Be supportive, careful, alert and be kind to one another

We are free from Corona, CoronaVirus
We are free... (Repeat)